Beyond the Clouds:

A Space Adventure

A young girl looks out the window on a starry night and grabs her toy rocket. As she soars the rocket around and around, she begins to imagine a journey into space. She finds herself flying beyond the clouds and into the Milky Way, exploring the solar system.

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Reviewed By Diana Lopez for Readers’ Favorite

"Beyond the Clouds: A Space Adventure is a wonderful book that tells the story of a little girl having fun with her toy rocket, and looking out the window. She imagines what lies beyond in the sky and shows us the planets of the solar system with their names and their characteristic shapes and colors. With this illustrated adventure, children can learn the names of the planets as a very entertaining game and read short sentences to practice reading. The images are so nice, supporting the story in a very funny way that a child could relate to with joy and excitement. Theresa Lynn creates enjoyable content, a perfect book for children with the curiosity of wanting to learn about the space and more.

It’s very nice to find a book that encourages the curiosity of children. Beyond the Clouds: A Space Adventure is perfect for anyone who wants to spend quality time with a child. I liked the pictures because they are clear and easy for children to understand. I love how the information is presented in a very enthusiastic way with the right colors to maintain constant attention. The illustrations are presented easily so children will learn to identify the planets. Theresa Lynn has chosen the words very well with a relaxing and very stimulating musical tone. I liked this book in general because it’s a very enjoyable way to teach children to read, encourage them to use their imaginations positively, and have treasured time together. 5 stars"


Author : Theresa Lynn

Title: Beyond the Clouds: A Space Adventure.

Rating: 10/10!

"A charming book by the talented Theresa Lynn.

This book shows the power of imagination children have. We follow a little girl who explores space within her imagination, whilst encouraging children to follow their dreams and to dream big.

Such a sweet and endearing book. We especially loved the space theme, not only is this fun but it's also educational for children.

My daughter loves stars, so this was great fun for her to point them out to me.

The last page, Theresa has included a illustration of the solar system, which I find is a really lovely touch.

Me and my daughter love rhyming books and this didn't let us down one bit!

An all round wholesome read, perfect for bedtime - we will be reading again!"

"Beyond the Clouds is a charming, colorful, and beautifully illustrated picture book that takes the reader on an adventurous ride to space between all the planets with a cute young girl.

One day, she looks out from her window on a starry night and grabs her toy rocket to ride, but suddenly she finds herself soaring in the sky between all the stars.

Follow the young girl as she goes on an imaginative and adventurous journey to space and discovers more about the solar system, satellites, and the Milky Way.

Children have vivid imaginations, and this book shows how we could use their imaginative power in their early learning and development. The Illustrations are vibrant and give us a feeling like we are in the space between the stars. This rhyming story is a fun way to learn about the Solar System and shows the wonder of our planet as well as the adventures of space travel for readers.

Perfect for 3+" - KidlioMag Book Review