Imagine spinning the globe and finding yourself in many wonderful places around the world. A family is making plans for a summer trip. A young boy grabs his globe and gives it a spin. He realizes this is not just an ordinary globe. As it spins and glows, he is whisked away to many fun and exciting places. He is on a journey to find ideas for summer vacation.

Reviewed By Daniel D Staats for Readers' Favorite

"Let’s Tour the World is Theresa Lynn’s entry into the world of children’s books. I hope this is just the beginning of a long career for her. Let’s Tour the World is an adventure around the globe through the eyes of a child. The family is discussing a vacation destination, and with the child’s imagination, he travels to various places around the globe. Children will learn that this world is diverse, and wherever one goes, there are new things to see and do. The reader will be thrilled by the various adventures the young lad experiences. Flying in a plane, riding the waves on a ship, riding a train are just some of the fun adventures this book mentions. Come along on the trip of a lifetime.

Theresa Lynn is a children’s reading teacher. She enjoys writing poetry, and that love shines through in her children’s book Let’s Tour the World. Her love for poetry inspired her to write in rhyming couplets. The text of the book is simple enough for young readers to read with little help. The book would be great for a parent to sit down with their children, and as the book is read, the parent can expand on travel and the many adventures that travel can bring. This book has many jumping-off points to allow the parent to leap into teaching about the beach and sea life, the frozen areas of the world, the desert areas, the continents, etc. Overall, this is an excellent book for children to enjoy and the artwork is also fabulous. 5 stars"

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"Five stars. I enjoyed this book which is a colorful adventure story for young children written in clever rhyme. In my opinion, the author is highly intelligent to create such a wide-ranging story that is brilliantly illustrated and takes you around the world showing the child how vast it is! Very well done!" Reviewed by Don S and TeamGolfwell

"The story begins with a family planning a summer trip. The boy grabs his globe and spins it to see where they might go. Suddenly the globe starts to glow. In a flash, the boy finds himself in different places all around the world. He is on a boat in the ocean looking at a whale and a dolphin. He finds himself on top of a snowy mountain. He sees a sparkling waterfall. The globe keeps spinning and glowing and whisking the boy to more places. He finds himself on a train traveling across all the different United States. Then the globe took him to a desert with sand dunes and he saw snakes and lizards. Now he is on a beach with crabs and builds a sand castle. The boy finishes the adventure as the pilot of a plane. He can see the whole globe from way up high. The book ends with the boy back home where it all began. The family is still planning where to go and the boy knows wherever they go, they will love it so.

I thought the illustrations were really bright and fun which will definitely hold your kids attention. All the different places are a great way to teach your little one about the world. This is a great way to get out your globe or Google Earth and just explore with your child. My son loves our globe at home and he and I are always looking at it."- Kids Picture Book Review

"Young children will enjoy imagining themselves spinning the globe and finding themselves in many wonderful places around the world in "Let's Tour The World: A Globe Adventure". While highly recommended for family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library collections, it should be noted for personal reading lists that "Let's Tour The World: A Globe Adventure" is also readily available in a digital book format." - From Publisher: Midwest Book Review

"Let’s Tour The World is a fun and exciting book that takes children on a fun, magical, and educational adventure around the globe and teaches them to believe in their magical world.

This story is about a young boy and his magical globe who helps him discover more places through his imagination. His family is planning for a summer trip, and he spins his globe to find ideas for summer vacation, as it spins and glows, it takes him on a fun and adventure trip around the world from Europe to Asia.

Follow the young boy on an exciting and adventurous trip and how he gains knowledge and understanding of other countries and continents.

This book will help cultivate more creativity in children’s minds and encourage them to stay creative and imaginative.

It is perfect for reading with your little ones, and the rhyming text makes it a fun learning experience."

"Perfect for 2+" - KidlioMag Book Review