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Adventure Series - Book 1

In 2023 : Let's Tour the World : A Globe Adventure placed 3rd in the Best Early Reader of 2023 category for the Clara J.Johns Literary Award (sponsored by Auggie Bear Publishing) 

Imagine spinning the globe and finding yourself in many wonderful places around the world. A family is making plans for a summer trip. A young boy grabs his globe and gives it a spin. He realizes this is not just an ordinary globe. As it spins and glows, he is whisked away to many fun and exciting places. He is on a journey to find ideas for summer vacation. 

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Adventure Series - Book 2

A young girl looks out the window on a starry night and grabs her toy rocket. As she soars the rocket around and around, she begins to imagine a journey into space. She finds herself flying beyond the clouds and into the Milky Way, exploring the solar system. 

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